Special on Frost-Free Hose Bibs for Outside Spigots

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From now until December 1st, with mention of this special for replacing frost free hose bibs, we will waive the $85.00 dollar dispatch fee. This is a great opportunity to take advantage of having other services done at a discounted rate while enjoying a dispatch free service call with your frost free hose bib replacement.

hose bib replacementLet us replace your worn out outside hose bib with a ¼-turn FROST-FREE hose bib. These hose bibs can be on year round. (Of course, your hoses will still need to be removed before first frost.)

Normally, the hose bibs on your outside spigots are exposed to the freezing weather.  If your water is not shut off inside before the winter, the bibs can freeze and break. The pipes on these frost-free (or freeze-proof) hose bibs extend farther back in the house, so their valve seats shut the water off where it's warmer and won't freeze.

The ¼-turn design on these hose bibs allows you to easily turn your spigots on and off.  The frost-free design allows you to leave them on so your outside water is readily available early and late in the season.

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